To make significant progress in French  

 from home in less than 20 hours !

Start by assessing precisely your level and your needs with Sylvie. 

 in less than 1 hour !

You have some idea of your level in French but today with the free assessment I'm offering you will at last to get the accurate picture of where you are at, in written French and orally

We will also complete together the analysis of your needs , pinpointing your strengths and weaknesses in French!

You will then know how to better learn and speak French. You will never be isolated again : I am your privileged guide et trainer for your French learning




Download your free written assessment
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They did their free level test and have been learning French ever since  

Watch this video with Kate, a retired Australian friend and student who lives in France permanently. 
You will also get to know Liana and Philip, two dear students and friends

They were so convinced by their classes that they helped me co-build a fabulous fun series of episodes FLAIR 4 saisons pour apprendre à parler couramment français to help you Learn FRench  through culture with Sylvie and be happy! 

Kate Mudie

Retired GP, Montsoreau,  France.

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